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Premier Tech Conference for Black & Brown Founders

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october 20

UTC 2022 Metamorphosis: The tech industry is constantly evolving. The question is: are you?

The premiere tech conference for Black and Brown entrepreneurs is back! Urban Tech Connect welcomes the next generation of tech professionals and early-stage entrepreneurs to join industry leaders for a day of keynotes, panels, interactive workshops, and next-level networking.

Founders and entrepreneurs require lot of support and insight, from idea creation to capital raising, and beyond.

At UTC 2022, you’ll gain insight on how the industry is evolving and the latest technologies being used by the industry’s best. Together, we will explore how each of us can and must go through our own metamorphosis to ensure we are able to adapt, compete, and succeed while riding the waves of the tech industry and its ongoing evolution.


Intimate masterminds, keynotes, and panels on stage.

What is your niche? Is it Gaming? Sustainability? Consumer Web? Big Tech? Your next career goals depend on action and community. If you’re raising money and growing a startup, or seeking faster career growth through added skills and strategy, the Plug In community has your back at UTC. Our line up of professionals, VCs, mentors and mentees alike, forms an opportunity to turbo charge your METAMORPHOSIS through this meaningful conference. Sometimes the catalyst to your growth is, drum roll….simply showing up.



It’s one thing to listen as part of an audience, but for real connection and serendipitous relationships to form, we created Breakout Sessions and expanded conference networking. This is where we go from learning to collaborating to finding perfect partnerships.

PANELS you care about

Curated keynotes and panels into specific career tracks for you. Student? Looking for a gig? Have a business? Need funding? Looking for talent? Looking to invest? We have speakers and agenda blocks catered to you.

confirmed moderators + speakers.

Chuka Ikokwu

Co-Founder & ceo,

Crystal Adesanya

Kiira Health

Daniel Turner-Lloveras

latino coalition
against covid-19

Jasper Brand


Jesse Draper

Founding Partner,
Halogen Ventures

Joe Blau


Kameale Terry


Kimberley Nixon

Managing Partner,
Open Venture Capital

Natalie King

Founder & CEO,

Paul Francis

CEO & Co-Founder,

Ryan Johnson

founder & ceo,

Steven Moyo

founder & ceo,

Taylor McPartland


Tiya Gordon

co-founder & coo,




9:00am - 9:15AM

Coffee & Informal Networking

9:15AM - 9:20AM

Opening ceremonies and UTC kickoff

9:20AM - 10:20AM

Founder Showcase

During this session, companies from the Plug In South La accelerator's 2022 cohort will demo their products and discuss advancements made since completing the program earlier this year. If you are an investor looking for deal flow or a company looking to fill an internal innovation gap, you should attend this session.

10:25Am - 11:10am

Raising capital for your consumer web company

Two startup founders will join Venture Capitalist Jesse Draper for a candid conversation on fundraising and founder resilience in a post pandemic world. The audience will leave with a better understanding of what investors want to hear in initial conversations and see in founder’s cap tables. If you are looking to fine-tune your pitch and prepare impactful talking points before your first investor meeting, this is for you.

11:15AM - 11:40AM

Web3: The metamorphosis of the internet

Web3 is in its wild west phase and because of this has mixed reviews from Wall Street to the basements of crypto bros. What is Web3? What does it mean for the future of the internet? Three panelists will discuss the business cases for Web3 creator platforms, blockchain and smart contracts.

11:40AM - 12:40PM

Networking Lunch / Exhibitor Hall

12:45Pm - 1:30PM

Sustainability and Entrepreneurship

Three founders within the electric vehicle industry will discuss how their solutions have resulted in job opportunities, community partnerships and greener black and brown communities. The audience will leave with a better understanding of the electric vehicle ecosystem, industry trends, plug and play opportunities and the importance of networking horizontally.

1:35pM - 2:00pM


A fireside chat about the current state of the esports industry. ​

2:00pm - 2:30PM

Healthtech: Bridging Gaps

Healthtech can transform healthcare for low-income high need biopic patients. We’ve seen an uptake in the emergence of healthtech platforms since the beginning of the 2021 pandemic. Three panelists will discuss advancements made in the field and will question what is needed from the startup and venture capital ecosystems to scale these solutions. This session is powered by California Health Care Foundation Innovation Fund

Breakout Sessions

2:30pm - 3:30pm

Transforming your idea into a business

This session is designed for young entrepreneurs who want to turn their ideas into a viable business. Expect to leave this session with an understanding of what needs to be included in your business plan and the free resources available for product development.

2:30pm - 3:30pm

Startup cap tables and how to tell your story

Cap tables are a critical part of the startup founders journey. In reality, they are simply spreadsheets that note who owns how much of the company. Overtime, cap tables can become complicated as the company's ownership structure grows. This walk-through mixed with a Q&A segment will benefit any founder gaining customer traction and in-conversation with investors.

2:30pm - 3:30Pm

Breakout Session downloading...

3:30PM — 4:00PM


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