Urban Tech Connect // Forward 2022 Beta

UTC 2018

Structuring Your Seed Funding From Zero to Facebook

How to put together an effect fundraising roadmap that keeps you on track to get to the next level all while at the same time building and growing your business. Look at alternative options to fundraise and expand. #urbantechconnect #pluginsouthla

UTC 2018

Rooting Your Vision in an Automated Future

Robots and automated systems are on the rise, but that doesn’t mean they can’t lift us up. Entrepreneurial opportunities in this space abound if you know where to look. Discover which skills will be required in this new playing field.

Lori H. Schwartz, Technology Catalyst (Moderator)
Iddris Sandu, Architect
Keith Coleman, EVP Public Policy and Chief Strategy Officer, Tesla Foundation

UTC 2018

Unconventional Startup Strategies for Tech Deserts

The business models for starting a business in Black and Brown communities are unique and different. Learn how from Oscar Menjivar, founder of Teens Exploring
Technology, an organization that inspires young at-risk Black and Brown boys to
become tech entrepreneurs.

Oscar Menjivar, Founder, Teens Exploring Technology (TXT)
Lawrence Cisneros, Founder, DRNXMYTH