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The Plug In South LA Beat: Build the Future Now

“Entrepreneurs are the people who are going to get us out of the pandemic and build the future we want to live in,” Adeo Ressi, CEO and co-founder of the pre-seed startup accelerator Founder Institute recently told Crunchbase News.

For today’s Plug In South LA Beat, our curation of must-read innovation and technology news, we’re feeling inspired by Ressi’s advice for new startup founders — and the new opportunities he’s seeing emerge.

Ressi said that Founder Institute is currently enrolling more entrepreneurs than ever, and several graduate companies are flourishing despite the pandemic, business writer Mary Ann Azevedo reported. Find out why Ressi calls this period of time “the great restart”:

Founder Institute CEO: Now Is The Time For Startups To Step Up

Startups The PISLA Beat

The Plug In South LA Beat: Audio-Based Apps on the Rise

Welcome to the Plug In South LA Beat, a regular curation of can’t-miss innovation and technology news for our community. Recently we heard that audio-based apps are on the rise.

During our virtual community event last week, Squad founder and CEO Isa Watson talked about Ense and Clubhouse. Watson, like many of us, is getting tired of constant video calls. She shared that she started using audio apps to switch up her personal and professional routines.

Although Clubhouse is still in beta and lacks a public website, CNBC’s Ari Levy and Salvador Rodriguez reported that the company was just valued at nearly $100 million.

“If you tuned into the Clubhouse app Monday night, you could have heard a lively discussion on how the coronavirus is affecting the prison population. Speakers included MC Hammer, political commentator Van Jones, writer and activist Shaka Senghor, and venture capitalists Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz,” they wrote.

“Those in the exclusive beta group describe the Clubhouse experience as a mashup of listening to a podcast while scrolling through your Twitter feed and attending a conference remotely.”

Find out more about why the audio-based social network is getting so much buzz:

Silicon Valley is Going Crazy for Clubhouse

Clubhouse Voice Chat Leads a Wave of Spontaneous Social Apps

What Is Clubhouse, and Why Does Silicon Valley Care?

Startups The PISLA Beat

Introducing the Plug In South LA Beat: Must-Reads on Tech Innovation in Our Community

Establishing Conversations and Connection Points for the Plug In South LA Community 

As our community navigates the Covid-19 crisis, Plug In South LA is here to help focus on moving forward together effectively. That’s why we’re introducing the Plug In South LA Beat, a regular curation of can’t-miss innovation and technology news.

Each Beat highlights an article that takes a closer look at the current state of funding and investment for entrepreneurs in our community.

We’re kicking things off with an Inc. Magazine piece that dives into the disconnect between the record number of new Latinx entrepreneurs and the funding available for their startups.

“Unless we solve the ‘scaling gap,’ we’re missing out on the opportunity to grow employment and GDP,” writes staff reporter Guadalupe Gonzalez. Continue reading to find out more about this mystery — and what we can do to unravel it:

The Number of Latinx-Run Startups Is Rocketing. Their Funding Is Not. Here’s Why That’s a Big Problem