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Startups UTC 2019

Marlon Nichols Featured in TechCrunch

By Jonathan Schieber @ TechCrunch 

The Los Angeles startup scene has come a long way in the three-and-a-half years since Marlon Nichols, Troy Carter and Trevor Thomas launched Cross Culture Ventures. The city and its surrounding Orange County exurbs were at the beginning of a venture capital surge that has seen invested capital in the region rise from $3.63 billion in 2015to $6 billion last year.

Since Cross Culture landed on the Los Angeles scene with a $50 million fund, Nichols and his partners have notched three exits and seen the paper value of the fund’s portfolio grow by an aggregate of 2,085 percent, according to people with knowledge of the firm.

And Nichols and his partners have done it by backing one of the most diverse pools of startup founders in any firm’s portfolio.


Startups UTC 2019

Urban Tech Connect 2019 – Register Now

Once again, it’s on. Urban Tech Connect returns Thursday, May 16, to the Nate Holden Performing Arts Center. Designed to nurture up and coming founders and taking place in your own backyard, this conference will be attended by a number of prominent Venture Capitalists that are eager to help you succeed. Whether you’re looking for investors, help refining your technology or potential business partners, look no further than Urban Tech Connect.

Startups UTC 2019

Plug In South L.A.’s Urban Tech Connect Gears Up For 2019


By Linette Coste (Plug In South LA)

A different type of conference for those who think differently.

LOS ANGELES (January 15, 2019) – On May 16, Plug in South L.A. will host Urban Tech
Connect 2019, the premier conference for the next generation of tech entrepreneurs
to connect, collaborate, create and receive counsel.

Held at the Nate Holden Performing Arts Theatre, the day-long conference is the
largest gathering of African-American and Latino founders in Southern California.
Sessions will focus on empowering and connecting local tech entrepreneurs and
founders to help fuel economic development and revitalization in South Los Angeles
around sectors that are shaping the future of the area.

“Urban Tech Connect is all about bringing tech leaders together to collaborate,
create, and empower,” said Derek Smith. “Success comes from diversity of thought,
and there is a growing network ready to make something happen in Los Angeles’s
innovation economy.”

Expected attendees range from students to start up founders. In addition to gaining
valuable insights into strategy and growth, attendees will participate in
comprehensive sessions that help address the unique challenges people of color face
as entrepreneurs. Successful venture capitalists, professional resources and other
founders and executives will also attend.

Last year’s speakers include such local and national leaders such as Eric Garcetti, the
mayor of Los Angeles, Matt Barnes, NBA champion and investor and Amy DuBoi
Barnett, Chief Content Officer for TheGrio and former Editor-in-Chief of Ebony.
“We have to make sure the [tech] industry reflects us,” said Garcetti at the 2018
Urban Tech Connect Conference. “L.A. is a place that we’ve tried to make sure that
everybody feels like they belong.”

Urban Tech Connect is a partner with Verizon Wireless, CISCO brothers, Amazon Web
Services – We Power Tech, TechStars and Los Angeles Urban League.
About Plug In South Los Angeles

Plug In brings together entrepreneurs, founders, VCs, innovators and emerging talent
for conversations and networking focused on creating a community and hub for
innovation in South LA. Come join our kick off Tech Summit and Digital Media program
in our movement to identify and accelerate the beautiful in tech and digital media.
For more information, go to www.pluginsouthla.com.

Startups UTC 2019

Urban Tech Connect Set for May 16th, 2019!


Wheels are in motion to create community around innovation in South LA to support the next generation of creators, entrepreneurs and Founders coming out of South Los Angeles and underserved communities like it.

We’re excited to announce Urban Tech Connect will kick off on May 16th, 2019. Click here to sign up for early registration now!

Urban Tech Connect – Collaborate, Create, Empower


Calling all business minded professionals, founders, students and stakeholders in South Los Angeles. Urban Tech Connect is the premier conference for the next generation of tech entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate, create and receive counsel. It’s a day of empowerment. It’s a way to get plugged in. And it’s an opportunity to show the world that it’s all right here. Come join the largest gathering in SOCAL of African American and Latino Founders as they show you how to:

  • Fine tune your strategy for fundraising
  • Target angels and VCs to raise money
  • Overcome your fears and insecurities as a founder of color
  • Develop your go to market strategy
  • Think about opportunities in automation and how they might impact your business
  • Keep it moving even when the odds are against you
  • Vet alternative options to raising funds for your business
  • Develop tactics and strategies for product growth

You will meet:

  • Angles, VCs, & Successful Entrepreneurs
  • Professional resources (Banking partners, Legal advice, Incubators / Accelerator directors)
  • Other Founders and Executives that make up LA’s tech and digital media ecosystem
  • City Officials, Non-Profit and Philanthropic stakeholders in Los Angeles who want to see more diverse faces in LA’s innovation economy

Click here to sign up for early registration!