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At Plug In South LA, we know the talent exists locally and is ready to be harvested and cultivated.  That said, we’re excited to announce that Ron Johnson, South LA resident and Co-Founder of Grolens,  has secured a $100K in seed funding from Mucker Capital.  Ron is a recent participant in Plug-In South LA’s lunch and learn series.  He was also featured in Complex New’s recap of our Urban Tech Connect conference this past May.

We’re incredibly excited a Founder from and in South Los Angeles is developing traction with his SAAS based platform to help Cannabis growers efficiently manage and monetize their inventories.

This is the early beginning of tech in South Los Angeles and communities like it.

The fundraising journey is not an easy path for those Founders that don’t fit the stereotypical profile of what a successful entrepreneur looks like (the journey is tough even for those who do) but we’re excited to share in Ron’s accomplishment.

We know there are more announcements in the works and excited about Grolen’s journey to continue to raise funds and grow market share.

Founders: Sign up to present at our Lunch and Learn series.  Join the Plug In South LA Community.

PISLA Community: Get involved with Plug-In South LA. Help us foster and support Founders who look like Ron and come from communities like South Los Angeles.


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Tech Demo: Tavio Hobson, Founder and CEO of Trufl https://utc.pluginsouthla.com/tech-demo-tavio-hobson-founder-and-ceo-of-trufl/ https://utc.pluginsouthla.com/tech-demo-tavio-hobson-founder-and-ceo-of-trufl/#respond Sat, 11 Aug 2018 18:33:11 +0000 https://utc.pluginsouthla.com/?p=118234

Tavio Hobson, Founder and CEO of Trufl gives a tech demo at Urban Tech Connect.

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Hard Truths: Adopting the Mindset of an Entrepreneur https://utc.pluginsouthla.com/fireside-chat-with-chamillionaire-hard-truths-adopting-the-mindset-of-an-entrepreneur/ https://utc.pluginsouthla.com/fireside-chat-with-chamillionaire-hard-truths-adopting-the-mindset-of-an-entrepreneur/#respond Thu, 09 Aug 2018 21:07:08 +0000 https://utc.pluginsouthla.com/?p=118212

Sheila Marmon, CEO & Founder of Mirror Digital, sits down with Grammy Award Winning artist and Entrepreneur Chamillionaire to discuss the Hard Truths about developing the mindset of an Entrepreneur. Some good insight in this conversation on ways to grow, network and evolve as a Founder or Entrepreneur.

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Culture as Currency: The Next Billion-Dollar Company – Urban Tech Connect https://utc.pluginsouthla.com/culture-as-currency-the-next-billion-dollar-company-urban-tech-connect/ https://utc.pluginsouthla.com/culture-as-currency-the-next-billion-dollar-company-urban-tech-connect/#respond Tue, 07 Aug 2018 19:49:58 +0000 https://utc.pluginsouthla.com/?p=118256

In the words of Jay-Z, “We are culture. Nothing moves without us.”

Understanding super-consumers and adopting an inclusive approach will likely launch the next billion-dollar company. Find out how.

Marlon Nichols, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Cross Culture Ventures
Chris Denson, Director, Ignition Factory and Founder, Innovation Crush

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Rooting Your Vision in an Automated Future https://utc.pluginsouthla.com/rooting-your-vision-in-an-automated-future-2/ https://utc.pluginsouthla.com/rooting-your-vision-in-an-automated-future-2/#respond Tue, 31 Jul 2018 17:07:55 +0000 https://utc.pluginsouthla.com/?p=118249

Robots and automated systems are on the rise, but that doesn’t mean they can’t lift us up. Entrepreneurial opportunities in this space abound if you know where to look. Discover which skills will be required in this new playing field.

Lori H. Schwartz, Partner, StoryTech (Moderator)
Iddris Sandu, Architect
Keith Coleman, EVP Public Policy and Chief Strategy Officer, Tesla Foundation

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Resilience Is a Muscle https://utc.pluginsouthla.com/resilience-is-a-muscle/ https://utc.pluginsouthla.com/resilience-is-a-muscle/#respond Thu, 19 Jul 2018 21:03:28 +0000 https://utc.pluginsouthla.com/?p=118209

If traction is the question, resilience is the answer. Fin-tech entrepreneur D’ontra Hughes shows how to stick with it, build a team, and find customers in the face of myriad factors that could pull you way off track.
• D’ontra Hughes, Founder and CEO, Spare
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Demystifying Tech Entrepreneurship in South LA https://utc.pluginsouthla.com/demystifying-tech-entrepreneurship-in-south-la/ https://utc.pluginsouthla.com/demystifying-tech-entrepreneurship-in-south-la/#respond Thu, 12 Jul 2018 15:45:35 +0000 https://utc.pluginsouthla.com/?p=118245 Gen Z, here’s what you need to know about entrepreneurship in South Los Angeles and what it will take to succeed.
Brian Martinez, Airbnb
Oscar Menjivar, Teens Exploring Technology
Sheila Marmon, Mirror Digital Inc.

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FWBB – Fundraising While Black or Brown: How To Stay Focused https://utc.pluginsouthla.com/fwbb-fundraising-while-black-or-brown-how-to-stay-focused/ https://utc.pluginsouthla.com/fwbb-fundraising-while-black-or-brown-how-to-stay-focused/#respond Thu, 12 Jul 2018 14:44:08 +0000 https://utc.pluginsouthla.com/?p=118241

FWBB – Fundraising While Black or Brown: How To Stay Focused
(fireside chat, 20 minutes)
Sky Kelley raised over $1 million in VC funding for her centralized business network
Avisare in December. The LA-based founder and CEO shares how to cut through the
noise, confusion, and complexity of different fundraising rounds.
Sky Kelley, Founder and CEO, Avisare
Jasson Crockett, Manager, Economic Policy at Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Office

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POVs on Gaining Traction and Bouncing Back https://utc.pluginsouthla.com/povs-on-gaining-traction-and-bouncing-back/ https://utc.pluginsouthla.com/povs-on-gaining-traction-and-bouncing-back/#respond Mon, 09 Jul 2018 20:59:44 +0000 https://utc.pluginsouthla.com/?p=118206

It’s 2018, but many entrepreneurs still aren’t sure what a pivot looks like or what steps to take to develop more traction. Time to take a hard look at your business model. And a deep breath.

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Opening Remarks at Urban Tech Connect, Eric Reed, Verizon https://utc.pluginsouthla.com/opening-remarks-at-urban-tech-connect-eric-reed-verizon/ https://utc.pluginsouthla.com/opening-remarks-at-urban-tech-connect-eric-reed-verizon/#respond Mon, 09 Jul 2018 20:53:11 +0000 https://utc.pluginsouthla.com/?p=118203

Eric Reed, Vice President of Entertainment and Technology Policy, Verizon

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