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Welcome to the Urban Tech Connect Social Media, Marketing and Promotions Toolkit!

A huge thank you for your participation and support to all of our Urban Tech Connect Speakers, Sponsors, and Partners—and to the entire Plug In South LA network, our Silicon Beach and Silicon Valley advocates, and online friends everywhere for spreading the good word about Plug In South LA and the Urban Tech Connect conference.

Below please find some art to download (click the link), and some stuff to say (copy-and-paste the text from Generic Posts, add your name, tag your people on your own Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn timelines):


Please download shareable artwork here:
Urban Tech Connect Dropbox

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Sample Posts

Please copy-and-paste the suggested text below to share on your
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General Posts

Tell people to connect with you at Urban Tech Connect

Connect with [ME/US] virtually on May 18-20 at the #UrbanTechConnect conference | Register for UTC: | #VCs #Founders #Startups #Tech

Tell people to get their tickets for Urban Tech Connect

[I/WE] got our virtual conference tickets for  on May 18! — Got yours?  | Register here now: | #VCs #Founders #Startups #Tech

Tell people why they need to be at Urban Tech Connect

New #Startups and established Small Businesses looking to get to the next level? Get help at and register for the  virtual conference on May 18-20: | #VCs #Founders #Startups #Tech

LinkedIn Social Copy

[I/We] are really looking forward to joining the #UrbanTechConnect // Forward 2021 conference May 18-20. @PlugInSouthLA is helping amplify the voices of African-American and Latinx founders in the tech space and their platform attracts an amazing array of notable founders, investors, and changemakers.  [I/We] can’t wait to meet and connect with disruptors in our community and engage in incredible conversations. Please join [me/us] at Urban Tech Connect in May: #techforward #startups #techcommunity

Twitter Social Copy

Are you a founder, startup, or just interested in tech? This is your moment! Meet [me/us] at the @PISouthLA #UrbanTechConnect // Forward 2021 conference May 18-20. This is your opportunity to learn from expert VCs, Angel Investors, and founders. Visit

Instagram Feed Social Copy


[I’m/We are] thrilled to announce [I’ll be taking/We’ll be joining] the virtual stage at #UrbanTechConnect // Forward 2021 conference this May @pluginsouthla is helping amplify the voices of African-American and Latinx founders in the tech space and their platform attracts an amazing array of notable founders, investors, and changemakers. This is such a great opportunity to learn from disruptors in the community, build your professional development, and make valuable connections. 

Please join [me/us] May 18-20 at #techforward #startups #techcommunity. 






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